Good Egg by Barney Saltberg

Barney Saltzberg's Good Egg is a delightful little book that's bound to tickle the funny bones of quite a few folks -- old and young. The premise is that the reader is training an egg. Or as my children call him/her... "Egg". And the effectiveness of this training is demonstrated by a series of flaps and pull tabs that will have you and your little one teaching Egg to sit and roll-over, lie down ...and speak.

Yes, it's true! At the end of the book, you'll find yourself asking Egg to "speak". And Egg does just that... when it hatches and a charming yellow chick pops out and flaps it's wings for you.

Good Egg is really cute boardbook, and though my almost 7 and 9 year-olds adored it, it probably ought to be purchased for the toddler and preschool set.

The following video demonstrates what Egg can do, and my kids thought that the vid was hysterically amusing, so you might want to bookmark it as well.

As far as content::: I really like the large and simple text which author has chosen. The simple words will be easy for even very young children to memorize and it won't be long before they are reading the book on their own, gaining for themselves the pride of doing-it-themselves. I also like that the hatching egg gives adults a chance to discuss birds and how the mommas sit on the eggs (or the fathers keep them off the snow and on their toes... ) to keep them warm so that they can flourish and eventually hatch.

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